Advantages and Disadvantages of Fingerprint Recognition

advantages of Fingerprint Recognition 

  • Security – It is a significant advance over passwords and identity cards in terms of security. Fingerprints are significantly more difficult to forge, and they change relatively little over time, thus the information lasts much longer than images or passwords.
  • User-friendliness — they are simple and straightforward to use. No more forgetting your last password or getting locked out because you forgot your photo ID at home. Your fingerprints are inextricably linked to you.
  • Non-transferable — fingerprints are non-transferable, thus no sharing of passwords or ‘clocking in’ on behalf of another coworker is possible. This enables for more precise labor tracking as well as increased security against the theft of sensitive materials.
  • Workplace accountability – Using fingerprint recognition increases workplace accountability. It’s difficult to disprove biometric proof that you were present when a scenario or occurrence occurred, and it can be used as evidence if necessary.
  • Fingerprint recognition is currently a cost-effective security option from the standpoint of technology management. Small hand-held scanners are simple to set up and provide excellent accuracy.

disadvantages of Fingerprint Recognition

  • Scanning systems are subject to the same technological problems and limits as any other electronic identification systems, including power outages, errors, and environmental conditions.
  • Cost – While fingerprint recognition systems are more expense effective than ever before, the cost of setup and maintenance can still be a deterrent for smaller businesses. As gadgets become more cost effective and cheap, this disadvantage is lessening.
  • Exclusions – while fingerprints are largely consistent across a person’s lifetime, certain groups of people will be excluded from utilizing the system. Older people with a history of physical labor, for example, may find it difficult to record worn prints into a system, and people who have lost fingers or hands would be disqualified.


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