Windows vs Ubuntu

What is Windows?
Windows is a popular Operating system owned and launched by Microsoft in the year 1985. It provides a smooth and compatible environment for running a variety of applications and software. The latest version of Windows is Windows 10 however, Windows 7 and Windows Pro have been the most successful versions.

What Is Ubuntu?
Ubuntu belongs to the Linux family of the Operating system. The latest version of Ubuntu is a non-Long-Term Support (LTS) version. It is available for personal and professional use for the first time ever. The new version is called 18.04 and is available on all versions of the operating system.


  • Windows provides a smooth, easy, and user-friendly interface.
  • Windows is known for its compatibility as an Operating System and can support most applications.
  • The installation process of the Windows Operating System is simple and easy to follow.


  • It is available free of cost for both personal and professional use.
  • Most of the time, the users can avoid the hassle of installation of drivers with this Operating System.
  • When Ubuntu Operating System needs to be updated, the users do not need to restart the machine as the updates can easily run in the background. This in turn makes Ubuntu a preferred choice for services like Server.


  • One of the major disadvantages of Windows is that it is not free to use. Users need to pay a price even if they want to upgrade to the latest version of Windows.
  • Windows has a high consumption rate (almost double) of resources of computer machines like RAM when compared to Ubuntu.


  • Users need to be tech-savvy in order to use Ubuntu. Users who are not familiar with Command-line will find it difficult to use Ubuntu.
  • Ubuntu also does not support some of the popular software like Photoshop or MS office. However, there are alternatives available for this software in Ubuntu but the experience for the user is not the same as that on Windows.

Windows enjoys popularity among ordinary users because of its user-friendly features, Ubuntu remains a preferred choice for developers and programmers.

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