Why linux server is more popular?

Choosing an operating system for the server is very crucial. There are many different servers to choose from but why many companies choose Linux-based servers?

Linux operating systems are exceptionally prevalent and wide-ranging. While certain Linux distros are suitable for power users, others are simpler, and perfect for switching from Windows. When compared to Windows Server, Linux can handle more functions with ease and requires fewer reboots. These are the other reason for Linux to stand out:

Linux is completely an open-source project. There is no commercial vendor trying to lock users into certain products or protocols. Thus, businesses are free to mix and match and choose what works best for their needs so getting a genuine copy of a Linux distro is absolutely free.

Linux-based operating systems are secure and suitable for servers. It implements a variety of security mechanisms to secure files and services from numerous attacks and abuses.It highly restricts influence from external sources (i.e. users, programs or systems) that can possibly destabilize a server.

Stable and Reliable
Linux systems are stable due to lots of determinants which include management of system and programs’ configurations, process management, security implementation. With Linux, you can modify a system or program configuration file and effect the changes without necessarily rebooting the server unlike in windows when software is installed or uninstalled you must reboot.

Linux forums provide better solutions because you let others to solve your problem. Just post a query on some of the Linux-related forum threads on the web and expect tons of replies with a detailed solution. So no need to hire an expert and lose a fortune.


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