Why do we need cyber security

Cybersecurity is the practice of securing networks, systems and any other digital infrastructure from malicious attacks.
What’s the best cyber security strategy?
 A strong security infrastructure includes multiple layers of protection dispersed throughout a company’s computers, programs and networks. With cyber attacks occurring every 14 seconds, firewalls, antivirus software, anti-spyware software and password management tools must all work in harmony to outwit surprisingly creative cyber criminals. With so much at stake, it’s not hyperbolic to think that cyber security tools and experts act as the last line of defense between our most vital information and digital chaos.

Why do we need security?
We can communicate with others, allowing us to work together and organize our projects. These connected devices form the networks that help us run our lives. But these connections also leave our devices vulnerable to damage and our information vulnerable to theft. Cyber and network security helps to solve this problem
Who needs cyber security?
Now, from social media to online banking to digital hospital records, every piece of our lives are available on the internet. Hackers and other nefarious characters can fight to gain access to this information and use it for their own purposes. In essence, everyone needs cyber security


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