Why choose Flutter for Developing a Mobile App

Mobile Application is a well-designed app that can perform actions faster than a Mobile Website. It is a type of software application designed for a mobile device, a smartphone or table to be specific and most commonly used for Android and iOS. The programming languages used in developing mobile applications are JavaScript, C#, Swift and HTML 5.

Flutter is the UI toolkit of Google used for developing application programs for mobile, desktop and web use. The digital world is consist of endless number of devices that runs on different kinds of operating systems. The most known cross-platform frameworks are React Native, Xamarin and Flutter which is the newest addition to the list. This article will enumerate why Flutter is the most convenient framework to use in developing a mobile application.

Flutter Stability

Codes of Flutter is compiled into the Advanced RISC Machines code for the Central Processing Unit. Flutter-based applications are not affected by any operating system or system customization and its interface will be the same even after a system update of any operating system.

Rapid Results

Flutter brings up a smooth development cycle which simplify the development process for Engineers. There are many Flutter application development toolkit which makes it possible:

  • Business Logic Component (BLoC)
  • Hot Reload
  • Code Architecture
  • DartPub

Flexible Customization

The user interface of an application is adaptive to version updates since the Flutter’s standard kit emphasizes a wide range of elements which is enough to develop an application without integration of other library. Any user interface element can be changed easily at any time.

Single Codebase for Any Operating System

Flutter allows having a single codebase for the chosen operating system. As we all know, single codebase applications can give users a standard and consistent UI across different devices they use. This gives the user a good experience since the functionality is maintained.

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