What is Linux?

Linux can be found on cellphones, automobiles, supercomputers, personal computers, and home appliances. It began on August 25, 1990, and has since spread throughout the world. Apart from Windows, iOS, and Mac OS, it is one of the most popular systems in the planet. An operating system is a piece of software that controls all of the hardware resources on your computer or laptop. It is in charge of the software-to-hardware communication.

The Linux operating system is made up of various components:

  1. Bootloader – It is the software that manages the boot process of the computer.
  2. Kernel – This is the one piece of the whole that is called Linux. It is the core of the system and manages the CPU, memory, and peripheral devices.
  3. Init System – This is a sub-system that bootstraps the user and space and is charged with controlling daemons.
  4. Daemons – These are background services (printing, sound, scheduling, etc.) that either start up during boot or after you log into the desktop.
  5. Graphical Server – This is the sub-system that displays the graphics on your monitor. It is commonly referred as the X or just X.
  6. Desktop environment – This is the component with which users interact. Each desktop environment comes with pre-installed programs (file managers, configuration tools, web browsers, and games).
  7. Applications – Thousands of high-quality programs are available for Linux users to download and install. The best example is Ubuntu Linux, which offers an Ubuntu software center where we can find and install apps all in one place.

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