VirtualBox Snapshots

VirtualBox snapshots are a powerful and easy to use feature that allows you to save a VM in its current state for use later. At any point you can restore the VM to this state no matter how much the VM has changed since the snapshot was taken.

This is how to take a snapshot:

  • If your VM is running, select Take Snapshot from the Machine pull-down menu of the VM window.
  • If your VM is in either the Saved or the Powered Off state, as displayed next to the VM name in the Oracle VM VirtualBox main window, click the List icon next to the machine name and select Snapshots.
  • Right-click on the Current State item in the list and select Take

If you take a new snapshot of your VM, your new snapshot will appear in the snapshots list and you will see that they are displayed in sequence, and that each subsequent snapshot is derived from an earlier one. Your new snapshot then appears under Current State.

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