Slack launches Slack Clips, a video clips function as an alternative to work meetings

Another example of the rising trend toward “asynchronous” communications is Slack’s new video and audio messaging service, which allows workers to send brief recordings to colleagues instead of organizing long meetings.

Slack Rolls Out Clips Feature That Allows Users to Record and Send Short Video, Audio Messages
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Slack Clips will allow coworkers to record video messages that exist in Slack channels. Clips supports audio from a microphone, alongside video and screen recordings. They’re designed to help teams communicate across various time zones, and cut down on the amount of meetings that are now taking place in a hybrid work era.

Clips is more about providing business updates. Workers can use them to send a briefing to colleagues in other time zones so they can catch up later, or to provide input on a project without having to type everything out. Clips might help teams avoid the hassle of attempting to arrange a time when everyone is available for a meeting by allowing people to watch recordings whenever they choose.

  • Users can record Clips of up to three minutes in length from Slack on desktop or mobile and share their screen while recording video clips from the Slack desktop app or Slack for Web.
  • Recipients of Clips will be able to view the videos with subtitles as well as get a transcript of the recording.
  • Clips can be sped up or slowed down by the recipient, with archived recordings also available to search through.

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