Programming Languages for Android App Development

There are several application languages available today. There are factors that you might have to consider; your company objectives, the capabilities of the operating system you select as the platform, the type of application, and its needs. Numerous languages used in online development may simply be being employed in mobile programming.

Android Development Languages


JavaScript is a popular language choice among developers for mobile apps. It best known for flexible and versatile language that can be used in a variety of contexts with Node.js, quicker client-side surfing and don’t require compilation, easy to operate and simple to work with, there is no defined norm, and there is much opportunity for variety. Outside of browsers, it operates without a hitch and may be built from a variety of computer languages.


Remaining as one of the preferred languages for Android development. Featuring, strong programming language for the server, architecturally agnostic and independent of platforms and contexts, protecting applications by accessing modifiers and virtual machine sandboxes. With that in mind, Java does have a strict syntax and complex code, making learning more difficult.


Developing android apps, Kotlin is one of several languages we may use, as it is the official language for Android development. The combination of functional and acquisitive programming elements in Kotlin’s straightforward syntax enables quicker compilation. Making solid and efficient apps using Kotlin has the potential to impact other programming languages like JAVA. Trello, Evernote, Coursera, and many other well-known apps with Kotlin integration are just a few examples.

c / C++

Using C++, an object-oriented, general-purpose language facilitating low-level and generic memory management. Developing Android apps, games, GUI-based programs, real-time mathematical simulations, financial applications, etc., is what it is used for. Adapting and shifting technology or ecosystems, C++ is a popular choice for cloud computing programs.


Due to its adaptability in developing mobile applications and a wide range of other software, it is a great alternative for beginners. It is built on English syntax and has many powerful libraries. Therefore, providing the availability of native language alternatives, and using Python for specializing mobile development, such as data science, even if it is not regarded as a “code language for mobile apps.”


Engaging and high-performing gaming app? This is the finest language to use if that’s what you want to develop. Sophisticated programming language that is organized and scalable,  offers programmers a library with a lot of functions,  ensures a program’s security using safe code, and both updateable and interoperable.

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