Microsoft offers Productivity Power Tools for Visual Studio 2022 IDE

Microsoft has made available its Productivity Power Tools extensions for its upcoming Visual Studio 2022 IDE, providing capabilities ranging from HTML copying to error message viewing.

 Visual Studio 2022, now in a preview stage, is a planned 64-bit version of the IDE. The suite was unveiled on August 31 and includes the following extensions:

  • Copy as HTML – assists with copying and pasting of code snippets, maintaining the code’s formatting when pasting it into a text document. This saves developers from having to manually make corrections when original formatting is lost while pasting into a document.
  • Align Assignments – aligns assignment statements using Crl+Alt+].
  • Solution Error Visualizer – lets developers view error messages that would usually be seen in the Error List window by hovering over a corresponding solution, project, or code file. Error, warning, and message squiggles are added to the Solution Explorer.
  • Shrink Empty Lines – shrinks lines that contain neither text nor numbers, enabling more lines to be displayed in the editor.
  • Double-Click Maximize – maximizes and docks window headers.
  • Fix Mixed Tabs – helps manage white space inside a document.
  • Match Margin – lets developers highlight text in code and view all locations where that text is used within the editor and the editor margin.
  • Middle Click Scroll – enables scrolling in the editor pane using the middle-click mouse button.
  • Peek Help – addresses an inefficiency that occurs when setting the cursor on language or framework keywords and redirecting to a browser window containing corresponding help information. The extension embeds the same help information in the editor when using ALT+F1 so developers do not need to navigate away from work.
  • Time Stamp Margin – adds a time stamp margin to the debug output window.


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