Meta Sued: Did Facebook Grant Netflix Access to Your Private Messages?

A bombshell antitrust lawsuit alleges shocking misconduct by Facebook-parent Meta. The suit claims Meta allowed Netflix to read users’ private Facebook messages in an underhanded deal to squash a potential competitor. This raises serious privacy concerns and has major implications for Meta’s decision to shut down its streaming service, Facebook Watch.

What Do We Know?

  • The Allegations: The lawsuit accuses Meta of anti-competitive behavior, claiming they basically handed Netflix the keys to users’ private messages in order to prevent competition in the streaming market.
  • Meta’s Streaming Pivot: Meta abruptly ended original programming on Facebook Watch, a move this lawsuit paints in a new light.
  • Netflix’s Influence: Netflix was a major Facebook advertiser. Could this have given them leverage to block Facebook from becoming a streaming rival?
  • Privacy Breaches: This isn’t just about competition – it’s about users’ trust. Did Meta violate privacy expectations by sharing private messages?

Understanding the Impacts

  • User Privacy: This lawsuit is a stark reminder that “free” services can have hidden costs. What data do we truly own on social media?
  • Antitrust Concerns: If proven true, the allegations suggest potentially illegal ways Meta used its dominance to harm competition.
  • Meta’s Future: The lawsuit could have major consequences for Meta, impacting their strategies and public image.


A Twitter post by Deedy (@deedydas) appears to show court documents related to the lawsuit. The documents reportedly reveal that Facebook may have given Netflix access to user messages in exchange for ad revenue .

The screenshot appears to be a snippet of a court document mentioning Facebook providing access to private messages to Netflix in exchange for $100 million for ads.

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