Introduction to Vue. Js

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Vue.js is an open-source advance JavaScript for developing User Interfaces (UI) and other applications. It is also known as Vue. This framework was created by Evan You when he was still working at Google Creative Labs and was initially released on February 2014. Vue.js uses high decoupling which allows developers to create user interfaces effectively.

Why Use Vue.js?

Its component system is responsive and high decoupling. This framework also extends it functionalities and the parts work well once the modules are all included. It’s also not necessary to create a lot of libraries since all you need is its core library. The library are able to route via ‘vue-router’ to manage the global state such as ‘vuex’ which is the library needed to build responsive web apps.

Environment Setup

Listed down below are the different ways to include Vue.js in your web project:

  • Use Vue-cli in setting up your project
  • Install Vue.js using Node Package Manager (NPM)
  • Download the Vue.js file and include it with the tag <script> directly into the HTML file.
  • Use Content Distribution Network (CDN) by including the tag <script> in the HTML file.

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