How to Install Node.js and NPM on Windows

Node.js is a run-time environment that comes with everything you need to execute a program written in JavaScript. And Node Package Manager (NPM) is an application and repository for creating and sharing JavaScript code.

This guide will help you install and update Node.js and NPM on a Windows system and other useful Node.js commands.

1. Download Node.js Installer

Go to Click the Windows Installer button to download the latest default version. The Node.js installer includes the NPM package manager.

2. Open the downloads link in your browser and click the file. Click Run. Click Next if you agree to the terms and install the software. Just by clicking next, Finally, click the Install button to run the installer. Then click Finish.

3. Verify Installation

Open a command prompt or PowerShell, and enter the following commands:

node -v

The system should display the Node.js version installed on your system. You can do the same for NPM:

npm -v

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