Hot Reload vs. Hot restart in Flutter

As we all know, Flutter has numerous fantastic rapid features, one of which is Hot Reload and Hot Restart. They have diverse functions and were built solely to make app creation easier for developers. We can save time and produce more in less time by using these. So in this blog, we would learn about the difference between Hot Reload and Hot Restart in Flutter Dart App development.

Hot Reload

In a flutter, a hot reload is an excellent feature. It is the simplest and fastest function for making changes, fixing errors, designing UIs, and adding features. It takes around a second for it to do its purpose. The preserved state is not destroyed during a hot reload, but you cannot utilize a hot reload once the program has been killed.

If you change anything inside the build method, you use hot reload.

Before Hot Reload
After Hot Reload

Hot Restart

Hot restart is not the same as hot reload. It destroys the preserved State value and resets them to their default during a hot restart. If your application uses the States value, the developer will receive a fully compiled program with all states reset to their defaults after each hot restart. The app widget tree is completely rebuilt with new typed code. Hot Restart takes much higher time than Hot reload.

If you change anything outside the build method, you use hot restart.

Before Hot Restart
If we use Hot Reload, we won’t see any changes
After Hot Restart

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