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Nowadays, cloud content storage providers are many and diverse, but TeraBox stands out among them all by providing 1 TB (1024 GB) of free storage to each customer. We may save our data on Telefónica’s servers employing password protection simply by enrolling with our Gmail account through the Android app.

The telecoms carrier that supports TeraBox also provides several Premium plans to expand cloud space. Because of the great quality of the devices, the films, images, and files that users put to their phones are becoming increasingly heavy. It provides free and secure storage space for your multimedia assets. We explain how it works and what people think about its performance.

What exactly is TeraBox?

TeraBox is a platform that allows you 1 TB of storage for life for your images, movies and documents. A very intriguing option for individuals who want to save their files but do not want to pay for the Premium services that are now nearly mandatory in services that have been quite popular, such as Google Pictures, Drive, or DropBox.

Its functioning is really easy; all we need to do is download the app from the Play Store and link our Gmail account to begin uploading stuff. TeraBox has used a robust advertising strategy to position itself among users, including the provision of free material. We’ve decided to compile some of the thoughts that have circulated on social media in order to inform you about the pros and cons of TeraBox.

Advantages & Disadvantages of TeraBox


  • There is plenty of storage space. According to customer feedback, the most notable good element is that TeraBox provides 1 TB of free storage just by joining up. Nevertheless, there is more. Several users emphasize the space incentives for reaching daily targets because they add a “gamification” fee (learning process via the use of challenges) to the usage of TeraBox. For example, by entering everyday and doing the acts asked by the app, such as uploading a photo or watching a movie saved in our cloud, we receive various incentives, which reflect quite favorably into our thoughts.
  • Quick and simple to use. According to some, the TeraBox interface is another plus for the creation of a cloud storage software. With a few taps and swipes, users may access the service’s key features and capabilities. TeraBox enables you to produce backup copies of images and videos as well as store other things in the cloud to secure them and avoid relying solely on physical storage.
  • Simple organization through folders. It is quite simple to create folders in TeraBox’s File area to better define the type of files and material we submit. This tool assists you in keeping your virtual storage space neat, allowing you to store your images, movies, and other things more efficiently.
  • Completely free. TeraBox’s biggest feature, and the reason for most good feedback, is that it is a free program. Provide free cloud storage, similar to Google Drive, OneDrive, or DropBox. But it has one big advantage: 1024 GB, a full 1 TB of storage for each user who signs up, plus rewards for new users. So far, it is the unbeatable app in the sector.


  • With the most recent update, there was more advertising. The volume of advertising in the most recent version has been mentioned negatively by users. It is logical that a service as enticing as TeraBox, which offers free storage much beyond its competitors, necessitates the use of advertising as support. Nevertheless, according to user feedback on the TeraBox website, the app’s most recent update increased the quantity of adverts in an irritating way.
  • Video loading speed. The problem of loading times in the viewer has recently come up in discussions concerning TeraBox. The engineers are striving to improve situations when a movie saved on TeraBox servers takes a few seconds to load when we move the file forward or backward.

TeraBox is a new participant in a fast expanding application market. Cloud storage services have become a crucial tool for preserving information and working from many devices with convenience and speed. TeraBox has a significant edge over its competitors in the area, as seen by the vast amount of free storage available. Of course, it is ad-supported and might be better, but it outperforms the competition by offering high-capacity storage and rapid, effective backup for audiovisual files.

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