Expo Vs React-Native-CLI

  • It can help the developers on getting many features like accessing camera, location, notifications and sensors with the out-of-the-box setup.
  • Gives the added convenience of having a dedicated mobile application in both Android & iOS.
  • Native Java can’t be connected with Expo.
  • The development of Expo quickly get things up unlike React-Native-CLI.
  • Easy to understand and develop but modification is complicated.
  • Developers need to basically build-up features mentioned.
  • Native Java or iOS code can be connected with React Native CLI.
  • The development of React-Native-CLI happens in accordance with whatever new features Apple & Google decided to offer in their OS.
  • It gives out clear instructions on where to add code in the Java file in case of adding packages manually.
  • Complicated to learn and develop but it’s easy to modify.

A project can be ejected from Expo to React-Native-CLI at any stage of the development process. It makes it easier for the developers to start safely with Expo and get onto React-native-CLI if you need to integrate any native Java/ iOS code into the project or bring in functionalities that is not supported by Expo.

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