Advantage and disadvantage of push button start

How Push Button Start Works

When you unlock and start the vehicle with the keyless ignition system, you can keep the key fob in your pocket. When you exit the vehicle, it automatically turns off and locks. The antennas in the vehicle’s body detect when the key fob is on your person, so it will only start if you have the correct fob. A typical keyed backup system is also available with the keyless feature.


Security and convenience are two advantages of a keyless system. Because a potential burglar would require your key fob to steal the vehicle, it’s considerably more difficult. It’s also more convenient because the key fob only needs to be kept in your pocket. This eliminates the need to fumble for keys or search the depths of your pockets or purse.

Rolling codes are also used by many of the systems. The key fob transmits a code, which the vehicle’s computer looks for. The vehicle will only start once the code has been found. Computer-encrypted microchips are also used in some systems. These features add even more layers of protection.


There are some disadvantages to keyless systems. Anyone who has driven a car for a long period knows that parts ultimately break down or wear out. (Xanax) When this happens, you’ll have to start the car with the manual key until the system is restored.

Another drawback is that the key fob can be easily misplaced. Furthermore, if the vehicle’s engine is silent, it’s easy to get out and think it’ll shut off on its own. It doesn’t work if the key is still in the car. If this occurs in an enclosed and attached garage, carbon monoxide may leak into the house, potentially resulting in a fatal situation. Keep an eye out for your key fob to keep yourself safe.


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