5 Tips to Make Your Internet Speed Faster

The internet has come a long way since the days of dial-up connections and slow-to-load web pages. Recent technology advances make internet speeds faster than ever. Information is accessible in an instant which is why it’s so frustrating when a slow internet connection forces you to wait for information to load.

1. Check for Router Obstructions
The first step to faster internet is to place your router in a centralized location so all rooms in your home have better access to the signal. If you can’t put the router in an easily accessible spot, remove as many obstructions as possible to enhance your connection.
2. Secure Your Network
To make your internet speed faster and prevent others from using your internet without permission, log into your router settings, disable network sharing settings, and add a password to protect your signal.
3. Check Auto-Updating Programs
As you work, your computer runs multiple programs and apps in the background. Automatic updates to these programs could slow down your speed without your knowledge.
4. Scan for Malware
Removing malware protects your private information and makes your internet noticeably faster in seconds. 
5. Optimize Your Web Browser
Frequently clearing your browsing cache and cookies is another easy way to improve your internet speed. If the browser you’re currently using seems consistently slow, consider switching to a new one to see if that fixes the problem.

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