5 Signs You Have a Computer Virus

What is a computer virus? | PDQ

Regular web users may not always be aware of a website’s level of security. Hackers and scammers are more skilled than ever! They cover their threats so effectively that if we click accidentally, we can suddenly become a victim of a computer virus. Examine the warning signs below to determine whether you have a computer virus.


  1. LOW HARD DRIVE SPACE – If your computer shows that you are running out of storage space, that may be a sign you have a computer virus. First, check your hard drive to see if your storage space has suddenly–and strangely–filled up or if you have any files missing. Because some malware strives to fill up storage space in order to induce a crash, having little storage space may be an indicator of a virus.
  2. POP UP ADS – Pop-up ads are one of the most obvious and annoying signs of a virus. These ads can be quite annoying because they frequently appear in groups and damage your system significantly. Remember to be careful when downloading something to your computer and never click on any suspicious pop-up windows.
  3. CONSTANTLY CRASHING – Your computer shutting down at random is a blatant indicator that you need to install an anti-virus system right away. Your computer may crash or display the “blue screen of death.” Act quickly by backing up your files or starting an antivirus program right away.
  4. OPERATING SLOWLY – When a virus hits, one noticeable sign is that your computer is operating very slowly and simple tasks like opening a document take considerably longer than usual. Another red flag is slow internet, which can cause lag as you browse a website.
  5. PROGRAMS AND MESSAGES LAUNCH AUTOMATICALLY – Programs abruptly opening and closing or your computer shutting down completely without notice are indicators of a computer infection. Moreover, you might see pop-up windows starting up or a notification informing you that you no longer have access to specific devices.

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